Maintaining and Restoring Natural Areas

Restoring native vegetation is a large component of the Environmental Resources Department’s work. In a typical year, the City implements at least one new project (oftentimes aided by grant funding) that involves restoring native vegetation. These restored areas of native vegetation need long-term maintenance to limit weed encroachment and promote continued plant diversity. 

The Environmental Resources Department manages over 70 acres of native vegetation within the City’s municipal boundary. Included within this acreage are:
  • 6 raingardens
  • 1 pollinator garden
  • 3 areas of restored shoreline
  • 3 areas of channel (stream) restoration
  • 5 areas of native buffers
  • 2 stormwater improvement areas
  • 3 woodland areas
  • 3 prairies
Fact Sheet

Using Goats for Natural Woodland Management

2019 was the first year the City used goats as a woodland management tool in East Lake Community Park. This management method is a natural, chemical-free way of removing buckthorn and other nuisance species. Goats were deployed for three weeks in the fall of 2019, and a measurable positive impact resulted from the grazing. Lakeville residents, and especially the immediate neighbors around the management area, enjoyed watching the goats work and supported this method of controlling buckthorn.

Fact Sheet