Recycling, Waste Reduction and Sustainability

City Operations

The City of Lakeville continues to make advances in waste reduction in its daily operations and recycling rates have increased at City facilities due to:
  • Proper recycling bin placement and signage, and staff education
  • Collection of organic waste at City Hall, the Heritage Center and Ames Arena
  • Implementation of portable kits for meetings that contain reusable plates and silverware
  • Using compostable plates and utensils at facilities and during large events such as the Earth Day celebration and waffle breakfast events at the Fire Department and the Heritage Center

Resident Opportunities

Organics Drop-Off
Beginning on October 1, 2019, Lakeville residents will be able to bring their residential food waste to an organics drop-off site located at the Water Treatment Facility for composting. Watch for more details about how to sign up to participate.

Pumpkin Composting
The weekend after Halloween each year, a dumpster is available at the Lakeville Police Department parking lot to collect pumpkins for composting.


The City of Lakeville achieved Step 1 as a Green Step City in 2017. Energy audits have been conducted at all City facilities, which included reviews of lighting, HVAC equipment, insulation and overall facility energy use. Facility improvements suggested from the audits are being implemented as funds allow.