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Report a Concern Regarding a City of Lakeville Police Employee or Representative

  1. Please include all relevant information: the reason you had contact with the Police Department employee or representative, and a narrative of the events. If needed, you may include additional pages below. Include copies of any supporting documents you may have. Please sign and date all pages before uploading them.
  2. (All pages or documents must be signed and dated)
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    Notice: Persons who knowingly provide false information may be subject to criminal prosecution by this agency and civil prosecution by the named employee. Checking the box below will serve as your electronic signature.
  4. Minnesota Government Data Practices Act*
    Pursuant to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, you should be aware that any information that you provide will be used to determine whether an applicable law or City policy violation has occurred and whether discipline or other action should be imposed as a result of that action or inaction. Your action in providing this initial report is voluntary however you may be contacted to provide further information in order to move the review of the information forward. Failure to provide accurate contact information may result in the City being unable to further process your concern. In addition and except as limited by the Government Data Practices Act, this information may be made available to the public upon final disposition of the present matter.
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