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Course Proposal Form

  1. Preferred Pronouns*
  2. 8 sentences or less on skills, experience, experience, and education. 

  3. Suggested for new instructors.

  4. 30 Characters maximum. Example: Oil Painted Flowers, Drawing with Charcoal, etc.

  5. Class Images or Sample Work

    Please submit images that apply to the course.

  6. Please limit course descriptions to 60 words or less. Lakeville Area Arts Center reserves the right to edit descriptions.

  7. Preferred days of the week?

    Choose all that apply.

  8. Preferred Class Times

    Choose all that apply.

  9. Our classes typically have a minimum of 4 students and a maximum between 10-15. Courses will be cancelled if minimum enrollment is not received at least one week prior to the starting date.

  10. Please provide at least three expected outcomes of the class. Example: Students will be able to measure images visually and create to scale drawings independently. 

  11. How do you plan to evaluate your class's success? Please note that in addition to your evaluation methods, we send evaluations to students at the end of each class. These results are available to instructors upon request.

  12. Example: Lifting, kneeling, standing for long periods, repetitive motions, use of chemicals, dress for mess, etc.

  13. Instructor Compensation

    Lakeville Area Arts Center has two categories of teaching artists:

    Part-Time Staff
    Instructors who are on-staff work less than 25 hours a week and are paid of a base formula of $3.50 x amount of students x contact hours. A W-9 must be completed and taxes will be deducted from you paycheck. Materials for these classes will be provided by Lakeville Area Arts Center.

    Independent Contractors
    There is no set minimum or maximum hours but the independent contractor carries a set contract with the City of Lakeville. Independent contractors are responsible for supplying all materials for the class, minus tools that are provided by the Lakeville Area Arts Center if applicable. A W-9 and contract must be completed. All taxes are the sole responsibility of the Independent Contractor. Contractors are paid 60% of the class's total income, after credit card fees are deducted, unless specified otherwise. 

  14. List all material needs for the class and if you will be providing them.

  15. Suggested student participation fee if all supplies and materials will be provided by the instructor.

  16. Independent contractor are responsible for supplying all materials. Please list your total estimated compensation for the class, including time and materials.

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