What can I do to save my ash trees?

The City of Lakeville has a widespread infestation of EAB. This means every ash tree within City limits is most likely infested at some level, even if is not yet showing signs of EAB. If your tree has 30% dieback or less and you are interested in saving it, a chemical trunk injection may be available. This injection can be used therapeutically after early infestation signs or as a preventative before signs of EAB are noticeable. The earlier you begin treating your ash tree, the less damage EAB will cause, increasing the long-term health and value of your tree. Chemical injections are performed in the summer and must be repeated every other year.

The City offers a reduced-cost program through a private tree care contractor to assist residents in preserving their ash trees. To find out more about our Ash Tree Injection Program and what else you can do right now for your ash trees, visit our Prepare for EAB in Your Yard webpage.

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3. What can I do to save my ash trees?