Can an officer have the body camera on while inside my home?

Officers shall activate their body cameras when responding to all calls for service and during all law enforcement-related encounters and activities, including but not limited to pursuits, investigative stops of motorists and pedestrians, arrests, searches, suspect interviews and interrogations, and during any police/citizen contacts that becomes adversarial. However, officers need not activate their cameras when it would be unsafe, impossible, or impractical to do so, but such instances of not recording when otherwise required must be thoroughly documented.

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1. What is a body camera?
2. Where will the body cameras be placed on the officer’s uniform?
3. Why is the Lakeville Police Department (LPD) purchasing body cameras?
4. How much does this program cost the City of Lakeville?
5. Will LPD continue its use of in-car cameras?
6. Who can view the body camera video?
7. Who is considered a data subject?
8. What is redaction?
9. When is body camera video data public?
10. Does the police department have discretion to make some video public?
11. What if the video is public but it is very graphic? Does the video still get released?
12. What types of situations will LPD officers record?
13. Will someone having a medical emergency get recorded?
14. Do officers need to notify people that they are being recorded?
15. Can I ask an officer to turn off their body camera?
16. Can an officer have the body camera on while inside my home?
17. Are there places the officers cannot use body cameras?
18. Is the data safe?
19. What laws govern the use of body cameras?
20. Can an officer tamper with or delete the video?
21. How long will LPD keep the data?
22. What if an officer fails to activate their body camera?
23. When can officers access the body camera data they collect?
24. Will officers be allowed to review video prior to writing a police report?
25. Will officers be allowed to view video prior to providing a statement relating to a critical incident?
26. Can the individual who interacted with a peace officer view the body camera video?
27. Can the body cameras “pre-record” events?
28. Will School Resource Officers wear body cameras in the schools?
29. Does every LPD officer get their own body camera?
30. Will LPD detectives wear body cameras?
31. Where can I find LPD’s body camera policy?
32. What are the camera’s capabilities?