Empowering and Educating Residents

Volunteer Opportunities

Projects implemented over the years include:
  • Trash pickups
  • Storm drain stenciling
  • Native species plantings (prairies, woodlands, shoreline restorations, pollinator gardens)
  • Vegetation maintenance (weeding, buckthorn removal, mulching, etc.)
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Watershed Cleanup Day and Earth Day Celebration
The annual Watershed Cleanup Day and Earth Day Celebration are Lakeville's largest volunteer and educational events.

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Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program
Each year, the City of Lakeville participates in the Metropolitan Council's Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program (CAMP). CAMP's purpose is to empower residents and staff to track local water quality trends. Staff monitors the following lakes bi-weekly:
  • Lake Marion
  • Orchard Lake
  • Kingsley Lake
  • East Lake
  • Valley Lake
  • Lee Lake
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Wetland Health Evaluation Program (WHEP)
This program offers residents an opportunity to learn about local plants and invertebrates and how the data is used to determine wetland health. For more information, go to mnwhep.org. or complete an online form to volunteer for the program.

Educational Outreach
Examples of the outreach Environmental Resources staff have provided include:

  • Education at events
  • Staffing a booth at the annual Lakeville Landscape & Home/Consumer Showcase Expo
  • Participating in Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District's Landscaping for Clean Water program
  • Leading nature-based programs for our Parks & Recreation Department
Other educational examples include:

Homeowner Association Irrigation Audits
The City funds irrigation audits of high water-use homeowner associations (HOAs) and recommends specific ways to reduce water usage and save money. If your HOA is interested in an audit, contact us at 952-985-4500.

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Water Treatment Facility Tours
The City offers residents tours of our Water Treatment Facility to teach ways to conserve water in daily life.