Improving and Protecting Local Water Quality

South Creek Restoration

In 2018, a project restored a tributary of South Creek, a DNR-designated trout stream, separating it from a City stormwater pond. The project benefits included improved water quality, habitat enhancement and fisheries protection.

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In 2019, another restoration project will occur at Hamburg Avenue and will improve the quantity and diversity of aquatic habitat and stabilize and reduce erosion on the stream banks.

Lake Monitoring and Studies

The City conducts annual lake studies on Lake Marion, Lee Lake, Kingsley Lake, Orchard Lake, East Lake and Valley Lake. These studies help to develop innovative water quality enhancements, develop an ongoing database for long-term monitoring and helps to initiate rapid response for aquatic invasive species.

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Prevention and Control of Aquatic Invasive Species

The City combats the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) through:
  • Watercraft inspections at Lake Marion and Orchard Lake
  • Treatment of curlyleaf pondweed and Eurasian watermilfoil
  • Monthly targeted AIS searches
  • Carp monitoring and control
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