EAB Management in Lakeville

What Is the City of Lakeville Doing to Manage EAB?""

In 2017, the City conducted a tree inventory of over 15,000 trees on public and private property to determine the percentage of ash trees and other tree species. With this information, the Forestry Division assessed the impact EAB could have on the City as well as other future pests. After EAB was discovered in Lakeville, the City adopted an Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan (PDF) to provide next steps for minimizing the impact of EAB in an orderly and effective manner. The City Council then passed a Shade Tree Epidemic Pest Control Ordinance and Policies in 2018, to mitigate effects of epidemic-level tree pests and diseases.

The City offers an Ash Tree Injection Program to the public and is preparing City parks and boulevards for EAB. In order to preserve established trees that contribute to the community’s canopy, the City injects ash trees in parks and boulevards (right-of-way easements). Ash trees that are in good/fair condition that are greater than 10 inches in stem diameter are the prime candidates.

Check the City’s interactive Ash Tree Injection map to see if your boulevard tree is planned for protection. Zoom in for more detail or click on the globe icon to enter an address. Each red dot indicates that tree has been injected or is planned for injection. If you think you have an ash in the boulevard that merits protection, call 952-985-2726.

The City also offers free ash tree inspections on private property. You can request an inspection in your yard if you see signs of EAB and want it confirmed or a second opinion on treatment. You can also report trees on public property such as parks and natural areas. Treatment inspections are typically conducted June through August to help determine a tree’s condition if it is already infested. If the tree appears healthy, the City’s ash injection contractor usually performs the inspection prior to providing an estimate. 

Each winter, the City Forestry staff will inspect ash trees in Lakeville and mark infested trees for removal on all property types, ideally before they are hazardous. 

The Forestry Division can be reached at 952-985-2724.