Kentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus)

Kentucky coffeetree (courtesy of Missouri Botanical Garden)
Kentucky coffeetree bark

#10 gallon pot purchase size: 6’-8’ tall
Mature height: 50'-60’
Mature width: 35'-45’

Kentucky coffeetree is native to southeastern Minnesota. The tree has an open spreading crown, and the small leaflets produce a dappled shade permitting a lawn to survive under the canopy. It has interesting winter bark and may produce a pod which contains components toxic to livestock and other animals when consumed.  It can tolerate most soil conditions including compacted clay soil which is common on lots with newly constructed homes. There are very few insects and diseases that affect this tree. Kentucky coffeetree is a little awkward and slow growing for the first few years, but the growth rate will increase once established and it develops into a picturesque tree. Full sun.