Tree Preservation

This page is for developers and builders who have questions about the City of Lakeville's requirements for erosion control and tree preservation.

Environmental Resources staff review development plans for all wetland, erosion control, and tree preservation issues. We also check each site as development and building activities progress to ensure plans are being followed and all erosion control needs are met.


Developers are required to follow the City of Lakeville's tree preservation ordinance (PDF) by submitting a tree preservation plan during the planning process. Environmental Resources staff review all plans and try to save as many significant trees (greater than a 6-inche diameter) as feasible for each site. Once a plan is accepted by the City Council, all trees listed as ‘save' must be kept alive and not harmed during construction. If a saved tree is destroyed, the tree must be replaced at a 2:1 ratio. Environmental Resources staff field check trees before silt fence is installed to ensure that the silt fence is as far away from the drip line of the tree as possible. Once grading has taken place and before building on lots begins, a certified as-built plan of the trees must be submitted to Environmental Resources staff for review. Any saved trees that have a change in status must be replaced immediately.


A builder is required to submit a letter from a certified forester or landscape architect, and the lot survey with all tree locations and their designated and proposed status. This is done with a preliminary tree preservation letter and a final tree preservation letter. Environmental staff conduct on-site reviews of the lot after each letter is received to ensure that trees are saved according to the approved plans.

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