Tree Planting

Looking to add value to your property? Consider planting a tree.

Trees can provide many benefits to you and your surroundings. Newly planted trees offer immediate benefits like filtering pollutants and capturing carbon from the air, ultimately improving air quality. As a tree matures, they can reduce your home energy use by shading your house in the summer, as well as creating a windbreak to reduce heat loss in the winter. Trees are also a vital part of the ecosystem as they provide food and habitat for many different animal species. Improve your property and community by planting a tree today!

There are many different tree species available from local nurseries and garden centers. Here are some things to consider when choosing which tree to plant in your space.

Tree Species and Site Conditions

Each tree species prefers certain conditions. When choosing which tree to plant, two important conditions to consider are what soil the tree thrives in and the tree’s light requirements. For your yard, start by choosing where you would like to plant your tree and narrow down the tree options based upon the conditions of that location. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) offers a helpful guide that walks you through several questions to help you pick the right tree for your space.

Forest Diversity

When deciding on a tree species, consider the impact your choice will have on the community forest. As we work to make the City’s canopy more diverse, keep in mind that one species should make up no more than 10% of the total canopy. Having a variety of species reduces the impact of diseases and pests that target specific tree species. The rapid decline of the American elm population in the 1970s due to Dutch elm disease and the current devastation being caused by emerald ash borer in ash populations are two examples of what happens when trees are overplanted, and tree diversity is diminished. Consider planting tree species other than maple or spruce, which are currently excessively planted in Lakeville.   

For ideas of what to plant in your yard, check out the City’s Annual Arbor Day Tree Sale each spring.