2021 Park Bond Referendum

Upcoming Special Election – November 2, 2021 – City Park Bond Referendum

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Why is a bond referendum needed?

The Lakeville City Council has approved a special election for a park bond referendum that would support parks, recreation and natural resources in the City. The last park referendum was 1994 and since then the population has more than doubled to 69,490. To continue meeting the recreational, physical and leisure-time needs of our growing community, new amenities and improvements are necessary.

Download this flyer for more details (PDF).

Master Plan Concepts

Click on the images below to see the Master Plan Concepts (PDFs)*.

* The master plan concept images are meant to illustrate general proposed layout showing how the amenities relate to one another and to provide examples of the types of amenities to consider during implementation. The actual designs for the buildings, playground equipment, athletic fields and other site amenities have not been determined at this point and would take place during the final design process.

Antlers Community Park

Antlers Community Park Master Plan drawing

Avonlea Community Park

Avonlea Community Park Master Plan drawing

East Community Park

East Community Park Master Plan drawing

Hasse Multi-Use Pavilion

drawing of new covered ice rink outside of Lakeville Hasse Arena

How will the funding be used?

To support $38 million in projects such as:

  • Connect bike & pedestrian trails: build new and connect existing trails throughout the City
  • Improve Antlers Community Park: add parking, trail loop system, modern restroom facilities, picnic shelters, volleyball courts, and more (see Master Plan Concept above)
  • Construct Avonlea Community Park: splash pad, challenge course, pickleball courts, trails, multi-purpose athletic fields and baseball diamond (see Master Plan Concept above)
  • Develop East Community Park Phase II: add canoe/kayak racks, modern restroom facilities, trailhead, open lawn area and native prairie areas (see Master Plan Concept above)
  • Update Environmental Learning Center at Ritter Farm Park: improve existing cabin to expand nature-based programming, including site improvements
  • Construct outdoor public multi-use pavilion at Hasse Arena: This outdoor refrigerated covered ice rink (see concept drawings above) will allow for programmed and public open skating and hockey, and activities such as boot and pond hockey and outdoor tournaments, in winter months. During the off season, the pavilion would be used for trade shows, community events and concerts, and other large gatherings.
  • Improve the Lakeville Area Arts Center facility
  • Replace basketball courts

If approved, design and construction would take place 2022 - 2025.

The Lakeville Hockey Association and Heritage Figure Skating Club have indicated that they will collectively pledge $1.5 million for the outdoor covered ice rink at Hasse Arena if the Park Bond Referendum is approved. Read their letter to the City (PDF).

Videos with details about each project

Watch these videos to learn more about each project included in the 2021 park bond referendum.

To see a list of all the videos, click on the icon with three lines in the upper right corner of the YouTube image, or use the individual links below.

2021 Proposed Park Bond Referendum Projects Cost Estimates and Construction Year Timeline

What is the financial impact?

$88 annually for the median Lakeville home valued at $376,000. That's $7.33 per month.

The City will determine the maturity dates for the bonds at the time of sale. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 475.54, the final maturity of the bonds cannot exceed 30 years from the date of issue. At this time, we are estimating 20 years for the maturity of the proposed bonds.

Calculate your estimated property tax impact

Use this Estimated Property Tax Impact Calculator to estimate the property tax impact for your own property.

How can I vote?

Vote at your regular voting precinct on November 2, 2021. You can also vote early or vote by absentee ballot beginning on September 17, 2021. Visit our Voting Information webpage for more details.

Questions or comments?

Contact us by email at parkreferendum@lakevillemn.gov.