2022 Surface Sealing Project

The City of Lakeville is planning to seal approximately 30 miles of residential streets in the summer of 2022 as part of its pavement management program. The surface sealer to be used, Reclamite, will penetrate, strengthen and seal the roadway from the elements to extend the life of the roadway before more costly and invasive improvements are necessary. The City has contracted with Corrective Asphalt Materials to perform this work.

Property owners and residents located on streets to be sealed this summer will be notified a week or so in advance of the contractor moving into the neighborhood to complete the work. Once you receive the newsletter, we ask that you refrain from parking on the street until all the work is completed and the roadways are completely swept clean. Irrigation systems should also not be activated during this time, as the roadways need to be dry and clean in order for the sealant to be applied properly.

For more information about the process of sealing the streets, go to Corrective Asphalt Materials website, which has a list of FAQs.

Residents will not be assessed for this project.

Project Timeline

  • Late April-early May: Existing striping in the areas will be refreshed
  • Early August: Surface sealer will be applied
  • September-early October: Cracksealing in the project area will be completed

Helpful Information